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We want your input!


The question the RESILIENCER project is trying to answer is enormous, and we want a diversity of perspectives. We hope to collate different viewpoints to fight against as much bias as possible to give a better answer to this important question. 

At this stage, we are looking for two things:

1) Anyone, particularly experts, who would like to give us our views on the questions the project addresses

2) Researchers willing to spend some time on the project in various paid capacities

Curriculum Vitae

What we need researchers in?

The RESILIENCER Project is very wide and very diverse in the questions it explores, so researchers from many backgrounds would be useful. In particular we need people with expertise in at least one of these fields:

- Expertise in SRM

- Expertise in social science data analysis

- Expertise in STS studies, particular around the links between research and deployment of technologies or in how we conceptualise technologies as part of our society

-Expertise in collapsology, GCRs or X-Risks

-Expertise in climate modelling

Funding is available for all of these, and please apply if you have expertise in other areas you think may be useful for the project

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